Custom Steatite and Cordierite Ceramic Parts & Insulators

  • Consumer Heat & Light

    Heating element supports are a non-conductive component for heat dissipation.

  • Ceramic for Automotive and Construction

    Automotive & Construction

    Micro miniature parts are resistant to erosion, corrosion, abrasion and temperature.

  • Title One

    Military & Aerospace

    Ideal for applications that require small parts with fracture toughness and strength.

Precision Ceramic Parts Delivered On Time

Ceramic Parts

Creating ceramic buttons and rods to precise specification every time is a tradition at Paratech. Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with a well made part. You can rely on us to get the job done right!

Custom Ceramic Manufacturing Experts

Ceramic parts Los Angeles CA

All our ceramic parts are made 100% in the United States. Located in the heart of Los Angeles CA, our stable work force handles every step in the ceramic manufacturing process to assure the best outcome every time.

Custom Ceramic Part Manufacturer

Paratech does high volume and/or high dollar - short run ceramic insulator production for the military, automotive industry, appliance manufacturers, light bulb manufactures, electric heating systems and more. We offer precision grinding of fired ceramic insulators to close tolerances. With customers in Asia, Mexico and the United States, Paratech offers competitive prices and quick turn around. We have on-hand many ceramic insulator caps and ceramic insulator bushings for heating applications that can be customized to your needs. They are made Steatite and Cordierite ceramic to your exact specifications. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Why Use Quality Cermaic Parts

Ceramic insulators are used when electrical insulation is necessary in high heat applications. This makes them useful for supporting electric heating elements in ovens, heaters and furnaces. Ceramic parts are abrasion resistant and offer long life in applications where other materials would wear out quickly. Ceramics hold their shape and size under pressure. This is important in switching applications where the ceramic is used to open and close electrical contacts in a thermostat or pressure switch.

Steatite Ceramic Parts & Insulators

Steatite is commonly used in appliance thermostats where a high temperature or high voltage electrical insulator is needed that will hold its shape and size and will not wear out during the life of the device. Steatite works very well in cold switching applications, too. It is used to support heating elements in electric heaters, toasters, and ovens.

Cordierite Ceramic Parts & Insulators

Cordierite is a ceramic used in heat shock applications that would crack and shatter most other ceramic materials. Kiln furniture is made of cordierite because it will survive thousands of heating and cooling cycles. At Paratech all of our production is placed in cordierite trays known as saggers to be used in the kiln during the firing cycle. Small cordierite parts can be dry powder pressed. Large cordierite pieces are formed by slip casting.